Exit Surveys

Exit Surveys are primarily aimed directly at your customers as they leave your store. A carefully designed survey that can capture thoughts from customers at this stage can prove to be invaluable. You can discover so much you may not have known about your business in key areas such as general store ambiance, staff professionalism and product knowledge, along with in store merchandising and product pricing.

Exit Surveys conducted in the correct manner not only uncover why customers bought what they did and why, but also perhaps more critically why some customers leave your business having bought nothing. Understanding this is key to business growth and success.

All results are provided back to you using our password protected online reporting system, where you are able to view data directly on any Windows computer or iOS devices including iPads and iPhones.

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Why use Exit Surveys?

  • A cost effective means of targeting your actual customers at a time of contact with your business.
  • Learn what influenced your customers to buy or not buy and why they came to their decision.
  • Localised information that is easy to analyse and record for future use.
  • Expertly positioned teams to ensure maximum output is received.
  • Invaluable up-to-date results/opinions from your most valuable source.

What we offer

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It’s important to us that our programme is innovative and gives real tangible results to work with and Insight Market Research has given us clear insight into the service we provide to our customers. This has led to big improvements in the execution of our service and the training we provide to our teams. They are extremely professional and have helped us through the development of a highly rewarding Mystery Shopping programme. I would have no hesitation in recommending Insight Market Research to any business looking to run a tailored mystery shopping programme.
Head of Retail, GANT

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