Health Guard

‘Health Guard’ is a new service that assists businesses and organizations in checking the health and readiness of anyone entering the work environment.

As we move out of the pandemic lockdown there will understandably be some reservation and uncertainty from both employees and the public in relation to visiting your premises.

By using our independent ‘Health Guard’ surveys you can help restore confidence by providing a simple method of ensuring that every safety measure is being taken and that you are providing your employees and customers safe surroundings.

Further to this it will also help monitor the well-being of all staff members to ensure that any employee can quickly be offered correct and appropriate advice and support where necessary.

  • ‘Health Guard’ is an independent, user-friendly, affordable survey interface that allows managers to monitor employee (and customer) health quickly and easily.
  • Each day, the manager will complete a simple survey for everyone entering the work environment.
  • The survey questions can be customized to meet current Government health guidelines, and the standards of your own business or organization.
  • Each survey requires the manager use a touch-free thermometer to take temperature, answer a couple of simple health related questions, and log the results.
  • Any new health issues will be instantly flagged up to allow management the opportunity to make recommendations to rectify, and prevent any negative impact on business or possible closures of premises.
  • All data is kept secure for future reference, and can easily be accessed by management at any time via individual password protected logins.
  • A ‘Health Guard Certificate’ can also be provided and displayed to customers at your premises, confirming that all employees complete daily health screenings.

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