Web/Internet Mystery Shopping

Website evaluations will allow you to review your online experience from the perspective of your customers. By organising a programme of Web/Internet Mystery Shopping you will gain a deeper insight into how customers use your website and the ease they have in finding items of interest. We can create email inquiries or join online chat sessions, before placing and receiving orders. We are then able to make conflict resolution calls once any items are received to monitor the staff dealing with these issues.

Collectively, this data gathered will clearly detail the strengths and weaknesses of your online presence. Using this information you will be able to monitor performance, improve customer service levels and ultimately increase sales and profitability.

All results are provided back to you using our password protected online reporting system, where you are able to view data directly on any Windows computer or iOS device including iPads and iPhones.

Benefits of Web/Internet Mystery Shopping.

  • Accurate reporting of what your customers see and acknowledge when online.
  • An efficient record of what’s happening when customers visit your website.
  • Excellent tool to measure your customers experience from start to finish.
  • Cost effective way of identifying any areas that need improving.
  • Can assists with development of your web tools to suit your customer’s profile.

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