Mystery Shopper Questions and Answers

Do you really get paid to shop?

Yes. We have a wide range of mystery shops available from Restaurants, Bars, Retail Outlets ect.

Some assignments require you to make a purchase to assess customer service and efficiency at the till and some may ask you to return a purchase to evaluate the stores return/refund policy. Be prepared to be flexible. We will always confirm your fee and expenses before we ask you to commit to a visit.

What sort of thing will I be asked to do?

Each Mystery Shopping assignment designed with a different objective in mind and the criteria will change on each visit. For example, you may be asked to assess and report on the greeting you were given during a visit to a store, and what sort of activities you noticed whilst in the store? You may also be asked what promotional signs you remembered and to rate the service you were given by the staff members.

What makes a good Mystery Shopper?

Ideally you will have a very good memory, excellent observation and report writing skills. You must also be prepared to work to deadlines and return your reports as soon as possible after completing each assignment, normally the same day. Good communication skills are also a benefit. One of the main things you need to remember is that confidentiality is key at all times therefore you must never reveal yourself as a mystery shopper and always adhere to the brief you have been given.

How much will it cost to register as a Mystery Shopper?

Nothing. We will never ask you for any sort of payment to perform a visit.

Do I need any equipment to become a Mystery Shopper?

Yes. You will need a laptop / computer / tablet and internet access so that you can upload your reports. You may also need a camera (camera phone will be fine) to record any relevant evidence.

How much do you get paid?

The pay rates differ from assignment to assignment depending on the scenario. You will be given a confirmed fee along with additional reimbursement towards any purchases you are required to make. Some purchases such as food, clothes or toys you may be able to keep. It is essential that you keep all receipts from assignment that includes a purchase.

When and how will I get paid?

Once you visit has been successfully completed within the given deadline and approved by our quality control team you will normally be paid within 14 working days. We will always confirm the payment terms along with the details of the assignment. We will ask you to confirm your payment details at the end of your report, your payment details will be kept securely and remain confidential. We can make payment you via PayPal if required. We do not share any of your details with any other third party.

How will I get selected for an assignment?

At Insight Market Research we ask you to complete a questionnaire about yourself so we can select the assignments that are best suited to you and the area where you live. The questionnaire gives you the option to select different areas should you be willing to travel around the country. The more information you supply us with the more visits we will be able to offer you. The questionnaire is also a great opportunity for you to show off your written narrative skills.

How long do the assignments take?

Every Mystery Shopping assignment will have different criteria for you to meet. We will always try and give you an indication on how long the assignment will take and the fee should reflect this accordingly. Some assignments will be quick and simple and suitable to complete in your lunch hour, others may be more complex and require more of your time.

Have you got any more questions about becoming a Mystery shopper?

Feel free to contact us on where we will be happy to help.

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