InsightFUL Feedback

Do you know what your customers are saying about you? Are you able to review and react to their positive comments quickly? Are you confident you are in a position to ensure any negative comments don’t damage your business reputation?

By using InsightFUL feedback you are able to use the information gathered from using our simple customer survey platform into actionable data from which important decisions can be made relating to the success of your business, as well as protecting your reputation.

InsightFUL feedback involves inviting your ‘real customers’ to provide you with responses to carefully selected questions. The surveys are specifically designed to be quick for customers to complete on any device, and once completed offer the opportunity for them to print off special offers or vouchers as thanks for giving their time that should in turn drive business back through your doors. It can also provide ‘live’ up to date NPS (Net Promoter Score) data that can be imported directly onto your own website if required.

Entry links to the surveys can be either printed on the till receipts at point of sale, included on individually designed feedback cards, or via scanning QR codes from any smartphone.

By directly asking customers for their opinions not only will you discover what they find positive about your business, but also allow them an opportunity to pass on any negativity they may have before making their thoughts known on other platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. By dealing with any negativity quickly and effectively using the InsightFUL feedback software you will be able to improve customer relations and prevent any unwanted public damage to your business reputation.

Speed of response back to those customers is critical when using this form of research and to assist with this our software will automatically email relevant managers the instant something exceptional has been reported on a survey by a customer. This also means that staff involved can be praised or trained as quickly as possible.

All results are provided back to you using our password protected on-line reporting system, where you are able to view data directly to any Windows computer or iOS device including iPads and iPhones.

This form of research is designed to provide high volume consistent feedback from those who really count at a very affordable rate.


What are the benefits of InsightFUL Feedback?

  • Gives you complete control.
  • Immediate results.
  • The easiest way to manage customer feedback.
  • Insightful reporting.
  • Target problem areas.
  • Customised to your business needs.
  • Help look after company profits.
  • Motivate staff and identify areas of concern.
  • Daily testimonials at your finger tips.
  • Option to back up with Mystery shops.
  • Monitor your companies’ processes and systems.
  • Control the reputation of your company.
  • Allows you to react to customer expectations.
  • Simple, manageable and secure.

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