Becoming a Video Mystery Shopper

Video Mystery Shoppers are required to work on various projects throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. It is preferable that you have your own covert recording equipment (although not essential) along with experience in this field. You may often be required to travel long distances so access to a vehicle is also preferable.

If you are already an experienced Video Mystery Shopper, feel free to register to become a mystery shopper today – Please click here.

Please also contact us directly on to arrange to send a piece of sample footage from recent work.

What do you need to become a Video Mystery Shopper?

You will need your own covert video recording system – If you require more advice on what equipment you will need please contact – you will also need to have a laptop / computer / tablet and internet access so that you can upload your reports. You may also need a camera (camera phone will be fine) – this is to record any necessary evidence.

What’s involved in Video Mystery Shopping?

Work will include carrying out covert video assignments at store level and reporting back your findings via our online reporting system.

Good rates of pay – these will vary from visit to visit. Fees and expenses will always be confirmed before you undertake any assignment.

What sort of thing will I be asked to do?

Each mystery shopping project is designed with a different objective in mind and the criteria will change on each visit. For example, you may be asked to assess and report on the greeting you were given, and you may also be asked about your overall experience whilst in the store.

Are they complicated to complete?

Like regular mystery shopping assignments, the video versions require preparation and effort. Everything you say is recorded on video, so you must have a good diction.

Practice is always a good thing to do before you complete your first actual shop. Become familiar with your equipment inside and out and understand how it works. Get comfortable with it. You might try walking around the house with your camera and equipment in place. Learn to act naturally with it.

Then, do a few trial runs. Test your approach on family members until you are satisfied with the results.

As in so many things, after you do it a few times, it gets easier. You become more comfortable, it comes naturally and it becomes fun.

Do you have more questions regarding becoming Video Mystery Shopper?

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