Customer Focus Panel

Gathering customer intelligence through the use of Focus Groups is a highly effective method of consumers providing you with direct feedback on any product or service offered.

We will carefully select profiled members from our panel of over 25,000 consumers and with your guidance we will design a bespoke survey which will allow you to learn exactly what your potential customers think. This service is ideal for gathering high volume, impartial data before releasing a new product to market, or for quickly ascertaining whether recent changes implemented to your systems or processes are being delivered successfully in a way that is understood by those who experience them first hand.

All results are provided back to you using our password protected online reporting system, where you are able to view data directly on any Windows computer or iOS device including iPads and iPhones.

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What can you learn from Customer Focus Panels and what benefits can they bring?

  • Direct feedback about new or existing products/services.
  • Learn what consumers notice or don’t notice about a product or service.
  • Cost effective way to avoid making mistakes or errors.
  • High volume feedback and reports generated quickly and accurately.
  • Confirm if your business is meeting or exceeding your customer’s expectations.

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