Becoming a Mystery Shopper

Here at Insight Market Research we are always looking for fresh faces to join our team. If you think you have what it takes to become a Mystery Shopper then we would love to hear from you.

What is a Mystery Shopper? A Mystery Shopper (also called a secret shopper) is someone who gets paid to visit shops, restaurants, cinemas, banks, hotels etc, and secretly evaluates things like customer service, store cleanliness and product quality. After the visit the Mystery Shopper will be required to fill out a brief questionnaire (shopper report) describing your shopping experience and in return you, the Mystery Shopper, will get paid for your time and opinions. The business owner then uses the information the Mystery Shopper has given them to make any necessary improvements in their store or to improve their services.

Mystery shoppers are often given assignments to simply test the service skills of the employees. Some of the common things Mystery Shoppers will be looking for include: – How long it takes before the Mystery Shopper is greeted – How was the Mystery shopper treated during their visit at the location – Cleanliness of location and employees – Quality and taste of meal served – Selection of products/food and prices – Speed and efficiency of service After the visit, the Mystery shopper will then submit their opinions about their shopping experience. That information is then reviewed and analysed by the business to find areas in their service that need improvement.

When on our secure site you will use your unique shopper ID and password to prevent other people from accessing your information. You may change your password at any time. It is important that you protect your information by not sharing your shopper ID or password with anyone else. The application to become a shopper must be done online. You will be asked for simple details about yourself, please give as much information as possible to maximise your visit potential.

Please read the Mystery shopper Q&A and this information should answer any questions you may have.

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