InsightFUL Social Media Monitoring

InsightFUL Social Media Monitoring

For many consumers, their customer experience now begins and ends with online reviews. Managing social content can therefore be a constant challenge. With reviews coming in daily, how can you serve customers online and resolve complaints before they escalate?

We understand this can be very time consuming and costly to manage, especially if your business has many locations.

InsightFUL Social Media Monitoring automatically collects feedback and reviews left on over 60 different online platforms and displays them on one simple to use dashboard. This allows managers to engage with customers on an individual location basis and quickly post responses to deepen relationships and increase brand awareness without having to visit each platform individually.

This can save your company valuable time and resources. Any negative posts can be immediately identified allowing you to respond at the earliest opportunity to resolve any potential issues and protect your reputation.

InsightFUL Corporate Buzz

The InsightFUL Corporate Buzz service allows for the monitoring of any mentions or comments made on any other platform such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook where they are not related to specific locations but about your entire company and brand.

Generally on these social media platforms there are no numeric scores or star ratings provided, but only text narrative. This tool will allow you to manage these quickly and effectively. We have developed a “Sentiment Analysis” system that uses Artificial Intelligence to analyse text for positive and negative phrases and generate a score based the narrative.

This also allows you to compare the perceptions of your brand across all platforms, for instance do Twitter users regard your brand differently to those leaving comments on Facebook.

InsightFUL Social Media Monitoring and Corporate Buzz benefits:

  • Social Media Awareness:  Ensures you will never miss a new online review or post on any of 60+ platforms (including Yelp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, Trustpilot etc.)
  • Quick Feedback Responses: Makes it far easier to instantly respond to reviews or feedback on any platform from one dashboard view
  • Online Consistency: Ensures that your company name, address, hours of operation, phone number, etc. are always consistent for every location and up to date on every platform
  • Social Media Best Practices: Enforces good social media practices across all platforms – provides a “Social Media Best Practices” score that quickly reveals when negative reviews aren’t responded to, when information hasn’t been updated, etc.
  • Competitive Intelligence: As all of this data is publicly available, we can also gather customer feedback to see where your competition is strong or weak.

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